Happy New Year!!!

I am on my way home on the first day of 2012. Riding on the MEGA Bus for the first time and taking the train for the first time. Destination outside of Raleigh, NC.  So far this adventure has at least offered me a crying toddler sitting behind me, a forgotten phone charger,  and the numbness in my left leg  from sitting too long.

Yet, I am excited as there is so much promise to be met in 2012. My main purpose for going home is to spend time with my moms on her golden anniversary! Yes, she is turning 5o. I can barely believe it myself, as I can still hear her yelling at me to stop running in and out off the house.

Ah, yes, good times.

Anyhoo, in the spirit of it being the first day of  the New Year and all the newness of this day; it is my great pleasure to share with you a few of my New Years Resolutions.

The first one being to write in my blog every day this year. I have been inspired by word press’s 365 kick-off campaign. What this blog will cover? Well all of my adventures… of course, as isn’t life its self an adventure & story in the making?

I know what you are already thinking …”Well, sometimes life can be boring or hard and how can one make it interesting?”

I can’t but I can share with you my experience of life from my perspective right? Yay, and I have decided to combined my blog with my bucket list. I probably will not finish the list within this one year as I am pretty young and I don’t plan to kick my bucket anytime soon. I do plan however, to live life abundantly and working on my list I know will well me to keep things yummy!!  So will you be joining me this year as I plan to be a contestant on Lets Make a Deal? Or come with me when I finally leave the main land!

Well then stay tuned after these messages from our sponsors.


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