So I haven’t been on here in a minute…

But that is about to change soon, as I turned in my letter of resignation to my supervisor last week. HOO WOO!!! Yes, I did it. I am stepping out on FAITH. I partly did it because I am not longer tied to an apartment lease and I have no children of my own to look after so I can do crazy seeming feats such as this one. Thank God!!! Otherwise, I don’t know if I would have been so bold to say “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!” to my once day hustle. The truth is…I had been feeling trapped there lately and the negativity of the daily office antics ( the backbiting, layoffs, and nosiness of my co-workers when pertaining to my personal life) kept calling me to “bid adieu.”. I became comfortable there and stopped growing but the beauty of the position, being that it was NOT my passion, calling or purpose to be there forever, there was enough fire left under my butt to pop out of my seat as if I were in the middle of a Pentecostal revival!

Praise the LORD I AM FREE!!!

I really mean that. I have felt so much lighter since submitting my letter and I’m not even worried about what’s next in my adventure but I do hope you’ll join me. So until next beautiful people, I will catch you on the flip sideee!

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