20 Lessons I’ve learned and I am taking with me into the New Decade

Back in 2010, I had just moved back on my own into the great recession after doing a hardcore year of unemployment. Now that another year has come and gone and this will be the only double number year in this century I find it a great opportunity to share the wisdom I’ve gained during this last decade.

1. Forgiving myself for mistakes I made and for not knowing what I just didn’t know.
2. Learning from these mistakes.
3. Not all advice is good or welcomed
4. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries!
5. There’s no time like the present to push forward towards the beauty of my dreams.
6. And the joy of allowing myself to Venture Beyond my Daydreams.
7. Travel changes you.
8. Finances aren’t going away so start that emergency plan.
9. Reality television is junk food for the brain. Tasty at first, but never satisfying.
10. The greats will be missed. We must remember their messages.
11. Black was never a bad color.
12. Always be yourself and try your best.
13. Keeping secrets is too much of a burden, so be upfront about not guarding them when others try to download their burdens onto you.
14. People will disappoint you, and you will disappoint people, so forgive everyone and be less judgmental.
15. Jumping on every bandwagon is draining. I find myself less interested in group think.
16. Self-care and minimalism are more than trends, they are lifestyles.
17. Be a finisher, but don’t be disappointed if loved ones don’t understand the finished results.
18. People will provide their input, whether you’ve asked or not. Do what makes you most happy, not people.
19. A second language opens doors.
20. I am not a mule and counseling is an excellent tool towards continuous self-care.

I hope this tips can be some help to you in journey into this next decade!

Venture Beyond your Daydreams! ~TL

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