Meeting of The Warriors

Yesterday was great! I really enjoyed going to see the Terracotta Warriors. What intriguing history and craftsmanship! The soldiers were so well made and put together. Before we went to see the real pieces, our group stopped at the Terra-Cotta warriors museum. We were able to make miniature soldier.

My favorite soldier is this archer. They are so beautiful! My fellow teachers and I were extended the wonderful opportunity to see these handsome works in person. Many visitors were scattered throughout the museum grounds taking burst shots of the emperor’s after-life protectors.

I think it is so cool to see the soldiers with the bow and arrows. Not only is it historical, but they look so regal.

Abroad in Cn 077

Some of the soldiers have been restored after their discover in the 1974.  It must take great patience to take such care and detail to follow original handiwork.

Along with the warriors there were other beautiful design with the site.

A photog’s dream!


If you ever find yourself in Xi’an/ Shaanxi area of China I encourage you to visit the Terracotta Army historical site.


Until next time,

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