My Newest Hair Crush

So, I have a handful of hair crushes. Esperanza Spalding, Tanika Ray, and Leela James. Not to forget the youtubers I enjoy watching like Naptural85.  I also follow and I totally missed the debut of Tamron Hall’s natural do yesterday on the Today Show. However, don’t fear my blog timeline informed me of this exciting occasion– which is indeed exciting. I already love her pixie cut and thought there was no way her hair was natural because of its length. I didn’t think a naturalista could be versatile with short hair unless she added hair, like a wig or extensions of some kind. I am so excited by her bold choice because Tamron represents a Black beauty in mainstream media who isn’t afraid to show the world her hair God has naturally given her.


I remember in college as a communications major being encouraged by a Black female professor to consider straightening my hair if I wanted to be taken seriously as a news journalist. One of the things that attracted be to media as a profession was the freedom to wear comfortable clothing and my hair how I chose to  whether it be a huge afro or if it was steamed pressed straight given my mood that day. This is not to say Tamron was the first Black woman to wear natural hair on television or even on the news. Retired WSB-TV News Anchor Monica Kaufman Pearson in Atlanta rocked her hair a variety of styles including her natural well before Ms. Hall, I think the difference is at this time Ms. Hall has now done so on a  national platform and I would dare say global thanks to the internet and the Today Show being aired on NBC.

Well, she proved me wrong! I love that she wore her natural texture. She is just a beautiful woman in general but she has shown me I can rock it anyway I like and has definitely inspired me to cut mine short. Hopefully this will lead to more self love and acceptance in the media and throughout the professional world and within the Black community in regards to how we individually chose to wear our hair.

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