Onwards East! 

I have very exciting news to share. It has been quite a journey, but also a blessing. I have been accepted into a summer teaching program and I’m in China!

I hope to do a great job teaching. I really want to help people grow in their English studies. As, I hope to grow in my knowledge of Chinese culture.

Before my fellow teammates and I head to our school site, we are getting the opportunity to sightsee the historic capital of China! The great city of Xi’an, which has a nice mix of ancient charm and modern flare; things I am looking forward to exploring more of during this visit.

So far the food in Xi’an is so delicious! I just need to adjust to the time change! There is an ancient wall that was used to protect the city and is now a big tourist attraction. It has a bike rental place where you can bike on top of the wall. I’m looking forward to the bike adventure. 😊

I’m just so overwhelmed by the journey to get here, I was even sweating in my eyes alittle, on the plane here. lol.

Of course I will be sharing updates when I can, but until next time… I hope you are venturing beyond your daydreams!

~TL (An adventurous daydreamer)

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