May I Have Your Ticket Please?

Hello family! Happy Monday! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve last posted. We’ve actually gone through a full month since I have last posted!

I needed to take a impromptu sabbatical. I went to see family, discovered a new web series (Brothes With No Game), and was focusing on some other things like work.

So much happened that I thought about discussing on here that has been and still are relevant but I was doing most of my venting via Twitter.

Where to begin. Let’s talk about being Black in America!

If your reading this right now and your thinking, well I can check out now because this doesn’t apply to me, I encourage you to stay. I’ve been wanting to talk about the not so fun topics, surrounding the -isms.

What’s still fresh on my mind, as I am sure others from the Black community; is the George Zimmerman trial. Let’s go on and speak about that elephant.

Really though, I think more than it being an elephant in the room, it’s a jumbo Godzilla sized elephant sitting on the bosom of our country’s chest. It’s big gray, hairy and ugly and it’s sucking the air out of her nostrils!

We can’t breathe America, because we have an ugly, hairy monster elephant named racism sitting on our chest; and as long as we refuse to acknowledge that it’s in the room, the harder it gets for us to breathe.

So some people think, what did race have to do with the Zimmerman trial?

If you really want to know and need a good start in discussing how and why, I encourage you to go see the two movies out right now; The Butler and Fruitvale Station (don’t get me started on the miracle it is to have two movies on the issue out at the same time right now.)

When you go to see them, don’t just go to be entertained. Go with the heart to gain some perspective on the Black American experience. If you care…try to put yourself in the shoes of those main characters even if you can’t relate to the experience. I think both stories do a good job of a starting point to try to understand the frustration of most Black people in this country.

There is so much more to talk about. The Dark Girls movie and colorism, Oprah’s specials on fatherless kids and so forth impacting the African American community.

It’s time for us to air out our dirty laundry, wash it and dry it so that we may wear our Sunday’s best without continuing to look like imposters of freedom and justice to the rest of the world. Why? Because America should be good and not just look good on special occasions.

-until next time…


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