The Substance of Things Hoped For

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen right. Well I am hoping for some miracles because my life needs them right about know. A positive factor is that my FPU class is coming along. Where faith is kicking in, I am in the process of needing gainful employment by the end of the month. Yay! Give me a J! Give me an O! Give me a B! No really, seriously, I need a job. Are you hiring?

All jokes aside, I am seeking for purposeful work. There is a different boys and girls. I am tired of working to make ends never meet. I know we have been in a recession for a minute but I know there has to be more to life. I just do.

Funny thing happened at Bible Study. There was an announcement made for a seminar on how women can attract a man. I don’t know why is shocked me but it did and it made me chuckle too. Have things gotten this bad ladies? I attract men. I just usually don’t attract the men I’m attracted too. *Le sigh*

And I do look at character so dont even go there with me boo! *cue Sherae* “Who gon…”.
It was funny because after the announcement there a sermon on pride. Hmmm…

I guess I feel like where are the Godly men at? The are real ones? Not the churchy dudes who are wolves laced in wool suits.

So my point in sharing this is that my faith is being tested in my desire to one day be married with a family. Emphasis on the married part 1st before the babies. The extreme in that is that I’ve met women who had the same desire but never got married or had any children. So if that is the potential road I am walking on, then I guest I better tighten my shoes laces and freeze my eggs.
A lady just encouraged me to do that!!!

I wonder if there will be a single woman leading this “seekinar”.

Anyhow, I have at least a mustard seed left to believe God has a wonderful guy just for me and we will be in our purpose and debt free!

Until next time …


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