Happy Monday & Happy New Year!!!

So how has your first week of fulfilling those resolutions been? Have you been able to keep them? I hope you accomplish all of your goals for 2013. I on the other hand have decided to take the pressure off of myself and instead of stressing myself out by setting new goals & adding to an already LONG list; I’m focusing on my unfinished business.

I’ve been going through old journals with old list of goals and on one I made in 2009 I noticed some of the goals that were never accomplished while others (well depending on the area of life…) I completed the entire list. For instance, my social goals for 2009 were definitely achieved for that year (I can be a social butterfly :o) but my financial… not so much…smh.

Maybe the fact that I was unemployed and living at home that first year post graduating college during that time had an effect on that area. The first step in that goal was definitely getting a job. The blessing is that I did eventually become employed 😮 midway throughout ’09’ year. However once I got the job I was focused more on maintaining than building. So I have a new perspective this year which is going back to finish those things I have started. So I am re-taking the Dave Ramsay Financial Peace University class and finishing up my life’s vision board. Why should I wait until Jan. 1st to set my goals when I can make news ones anytime during the year.

“When you have a goal and no plan, it’s a wish.” – Herm Edwards

This is a great guide.
Courtesy of tryabouttime.com

Time to get back to my business, until next time…

Adventurous Daydreamer

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