Gettin My Hustle On

So I know it has been a minute since I have written anything about my 30 day quest of improving my dating life or at least expanding my social circle and what I have learned thus far in the journey is that it is easier if I pre-plan but even with pre-planning there is opportunity to meet new people anywhere. A couple of weeks ago I met a gentle man at a roof top party and the cool part is that we share some common interests so perhaps we will get the chance to meet up soon.
On another note, I met up with the handsome photographer I mentioned meeting at the beginning of the month and we got the chance to get to know each other a little bit of each other while we did photography for a wedding. First of all let me say the wedding was very nice. The couple had been married for 21 years and where renewing their vows. They were so cute and lively, though I was working, I enjoyed myself immensity; plus the food was Dee-lici-ous. As far as the photographer, I found out the married couple was his family and he also has an adorable son who was the ring bearer in the ceremony. We had the chance to talk while eating I found out we share some common interests. What I don’t know is if he is interest in getting to know me beyond networking but I hope to hang out with him some other time.

They also had a photo booth at the wedding that I couldn’t resist!

Oh So Sexy.

Went to a comedy show on Sat. and I got in free. Woo Hoo! It was fun! The headliner was this comedian by the name of Zooman and he did this impression of President Obama that was so on point! I didn’t realize until after the show that I had seen him on Uptown Comic. Clearly the guy works hard because my friend who was with me said she seen him at the Apache Café some months back. The show has a Christian comedy show. Yep. Not a place to meet someone. Most of the people where middle aged single women or married couples with chill’ren.
Also, kickball is going well I had a highlight moment when I dived into 1st base. Too bad I got out at second. Lol, and we still loss but I’m at least trying…

~Adventurous Daydreamer~

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