Adventures in Dating

So this week I need to retract some of the things I stated from last week about being old-fashioned in dating. I mean I am traditional but I decided to take the non-traditional approach and asked a classmate of mine out.

I mean the brotha is foine, which is definitely a motivator, college grad & he’s really funny, so I said to myself, “Self, this maybe the only chance you have to say something to this brotha and life is about living in the moment right?”

So…  I lingered after class talking to a girl-friend of mine while I waited to catch up with this man before he hopped in his ride and zoomed off into the deep dark night. I attempted to strike up a conversation with him; which turned into more of an interrogation, Smh, I have no game but I sometimes get these surges of boldness where I move on the impulse of the moment and this was clearly one of these moments. Now my friend who was still standing with us mentioned how he had nice eyes, so I co-signed on that contract with a black sharpie ink pen and told him I thought so too. He made a joke about his mom telling him older women give younger men worms. Some old adage of which I never heard and sounded mighty corny too but I digress.  Then my friend chimed in and said, “I’ve only heard that said about old men!” And we all started laughing, with me pretending I got the joke.

Needless to say, I  preceded to ask him how old he was, if he had a girl-friend and if he wanted to join me one day for coffee; which is why I said I interrogated him. I believe I caught him off guard as his jesting flowed into flirting and my friend faded from the picture & joined another group of classmates in conversation.

With the two of us alone he told me how he really didn’t drink coffee, (I don’t either. Lol) but that maybe we could meet-up over slushies (wait how old is he again?).  So, we decided smoothies would be the happy medium of the two and he gave me his number as he walked me to my car. I was really excited when I got not one but two good-bye hugs! On cloud nine…  😮

I decided to call him a couple of days later to follow-up about us going for smoothies as he was on his way to work.  It was then I decided to ask his age limit in the women he dates, well I barely made the cut off but the truth is I was thinking-YES!!! I am in there!!! Lol. Sad & seemingly thirsty, I know…Excuse me. Please pass me that large cup of ice, I’m parched.  Just kidding.

Anyhow, I don’t know how he really took the news that I am six years his junior but what I do know is the warm and fuzzy fairies must have swept up all their fairy dust because after our first conversation I’ve had to initiate the conversation each time we’ve spoken since then. I mean I feel like I am stuck in that 80’s movie Adventures in Babysitting!!!  So is that how it works when you ask a guy out? Are the roles reversed? Is he not interested? Or maybe he is not allowed to talk to older women? He did mention his mommas’ worms theory. See this is exactly why I don’t ask men out, it just doesn’t work for me. Maybe I should ask Slimey what he would do in my same situation.

Until next time…

~Adventurous Daydreamer ~

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