Cooties (They aint real y’all)

Hey Daydreamer where have you been?

Well, I’ve been working on my bucket list…TBA, tryin to pay bills (LORD KNOWS!!!) & daring to date more :o).

My church is doing this 40 days in the word series and I’ve been inspired! I have just begun my new quest… 30 days of dating! Yay!!! Okay, so I can’t predict or plan to have a date every day this month but I can leave my place more often taking & making strides to get to know more people, which will expand my social circle, hence, lead to more dating!!!

So far I have agreed to one meet & greet via friend of a friend’s boyfriend, I went to a Christian singles picnic yesterday (It was really fun!) and I joined a kickball league. So we will see what may come out of all my running of the streetz.

Plus, I’ve met someone. A really nice guy who as of yesterday, I had a second date with, yay; which went well, until…DUN DUN DUN! Something happened, small but a legit pet peeve; towards the end of our date he asked me if I was finished with my soda, (which I was) but I guess he thought it was okay and HE DRANK OUT OF MY GLASS!!! Now I know some people may think I am being dramatic but it really put me off. I mean he doesn’t even know if I have cooties or not!!! And no we haven’t kissed, I’m really funny about were my germs go! Anyhow, I wonder if the FDA can approve super-drug to kill all known & unknown strains of cooties. The COOV a.k.a the cooties vaccine.

Roll VO: Side effects include….gas, eye drainage, leaky bowels, stanks breath, green toe nails, belly bloat, and feathers.

Hmmm, maybe that’s not a good idea….

Well, cooties may not be real but there are so many new strains of germiness being discovered everyday what is a gal supposed to do?

Holla at ya girl!

~Adventurous Daydreamer~


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